Monday, June 28, 2010

Becoming a Pioneer Woman

Since I have been home this summer I have been working on several different projects, but one ongoing project is to find recipes that are fun and easy to cook. I don't mind cooking when I don't feel that it is a chore, so finding stuff that I enjoy to cook is a must. I have been reading the pioneer woman's website/blog and have found several things that I love on it! You must check it out . I find everything that she does to be so interesting and fun. I secretly wish I could be the pioneer woman. I would love to live out on some land, pick my own veggies, do crafts and activities with my kids, and cook and spend time with my "Marlboro Man". Anyways, back to cooking, one recipe that I tried was making homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch. I used the pioneer woman's recipe, and it was delicious. My favorite thing about her website is that her recipes have step by step pictures of how each step of the process goes. Take a look:

Here are how mine turned out:

Tonight I am going to try her chicken strips and green beans. Wish me luck!

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