Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

This weekend we headed to the lake. we enjoyed hanging out with some of Andrew's family. Luke loves being out on the water! I hope y'all all had a great Easter weekend!

We came back to church Sunday morning and spent Easter with just our little family of 3. We had already had Easter with all of Luke's cousins a few weekends ago when everyone was together. I couldn't just not do anything so Luke 'hunted' eggs out in the back yard. He loved chewing on the eggs, but I think he was more entertained with the grass. And since he doesn't know that there are treat inside each egg Andrew and I enjoyed the candy from the eggs.

We had a great little family Easter! Luke loved playing outside, we got naps in and even managed to do a little yard work that was way over due. We love our little boy- he is getting so big! I can't believe he is going to be six months old soon!

Trip to Austin

A few weekends ago we went down to Austin to see some friends. Andrew and I are learning how to travel wit a kid- you have to plan around nap time, feedings, etc so that everything will go smoothly. We had to stop at a park on the way down there so Luke could get out and stretch his little body and play a little bit. You can't just get in a car and go with a kid, or you cant with a kid who hates his car seat when he is awake.
Anyways, I met up with all my former roommates -it was 2 of their birthdays (one on Fri. and one on Sat.). We surprised my friend Shealynn in Austin by all of us showing up to hang out. I brought Andrew along to help take care of Luke. Andrew golfed during the afternoon while we shopped with Luke and then he took Luke for the night (it was my first night away from Luke) while we went out and then stayed at a hotel for the evening. I had so much fun hanging out like old times with Stephanie, Tanna, and Shealynn. Makes me miss those days of waking up at noon, laying around all day then working late at Joe Allen's staying up late and doing that all over again with these 3. Now if I sleep in till 8 I am one lucky girl and I am usually in bed asleep by 10. My how things have changed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Owen came to visit! (and DT and Tera)

This weekend Luke's cousin Owen came in town with his mom and dad ( my brother in-law and sister in-law DT and Tera). They live in Charlotte, NC so we don't get to see them very often. We spent the weekend with them and some other Harmons out at the lake relaxing and enjoying each others company. The kids had so much fun together. Since Owen was in town we decided to do Easter early so that all the kids could be together. My MIL got them all matching outfits and put together a great egg hunt. According to Brazos 'The Easter bunny showed up and pooped out the eggs so I get them'. The 'big boys' had fun hunting the eggs and Taylor and Luke had fun rolling around and playing. As always when we get them all together we always try to do a photo session...It wasn't too successful this time.

We spent some time for the first time this season out on the boat. Andrew was the only one brave enough to get in the cold water and wakeboard. Luke did great for his first time on the boat. He slept most of the time. Somehow the boat puts all the kids into a coma. The second it starts they all start crashing.

On Monday all of the guys went fishing at Lake Tyler, so we loaded up the kids and took them to the zoo. The weather was perfect and the animals were very active.

Our weekend with DT, Tera and Owen and all the other Harmons was so much fun!

Playing in the Park

The past few Fridays Luke and I have been meeting June and her sweet mom Jessica at the park to play and then we always finish it off with some Celebrity. These 2 have so much fun swinging. Luke is obsessed with chewing on the swing so I have to lay his rag down- bc it grosses me out. June is just precious. She is about a month older than Luke. They are going to be great friends! We can't wait till this Friday when we can do it all over again!

Five Months- March 29th!


You are now 5 months old! You are 18 lbs. and heavyyyy. I am ready to get rid of your baby car seat because with your 18 lbs. and the car seat's 11 lbs. it is a heavy combo to carry around. As soon as you can confidently sit up I am moving you up to a big boy car seat.
You are now a rolling machine- forwards, backwards it doesn't matter- you do it and you do it all day long. I am so proud of you! I have been wanting you to roll for so long. Next step- sitting up.
You have ventured into the world of baby food. You eat oat meal twice a day and now have started 'food' in the evenings. So far you have only tried carrots- But you love them!
You have been out to the lake several times and even went on your first boat ride- you did great- you are going to love the boat this summer.
You are well into the teething stage- you chew on everything you can get your hands on. It is so sad though seeing you in pain. Hopefully we will see a tooth soon.
You have started to go to Wee School at church with mommy on Thursdays and you love to play with the other babies. Singing all the Sunday School songs in your favorite. You squeal with such delight.
You now sleep in your crib all night long. We did cry-it-out a few weeks ago with you and you took it like a champ. You only cried for a little while each night before you were fast asleep and now we just lay you down and say goodnight and you put yourself to sleep without crying. It is so wonderful.
I love you!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Luke's Baby Blessing!

Today was Luke's baby blessing at church. Our church blessed 7 babies today! It was such a special service planned all around babies and raising children in a Christian household. Since Luke's cousin was born 3 weeks after he was, Taylor was also blessed today at church. It was extra special to have them blessed at the same time. We had a lot of family come- my parents and brother came, and Andrew's parents, his brother Jon Mark and his wife and then Andrew's grandfather- Da and his wife Dee. It was so encouraging to have family there to stand beside us as we prayed over Luke and Taylor. And an extra plus is we had Babe's catered afterwords. Our children's minister did a great job putting this together. Knowing that Luke has so many friends and family praying and caring for him is so comforting and encouraging! He is so loved!

Tyler State Park

A few weekends ago Andrew, Luke and I met up with Andrew's brother, Christopher, and his family and headed out to Tyler State Park. Andrew and Christopher convinced my sister-in-law, Tiffany and me that this park had the best fishing around and that they HAD to go fishing that weekend. So here we go packing up all seven of us (4 adults, 1 toddler and 2 babies) in 1 Tahoe and a boat and headed toward Tyler.
It took us about an hour longer to get there that expected- between the gas stop and about 10,000 potty breaks on the side of the highway for Brazos (he's potty training- but had no accidents the whole way! Yay!) we finally go there.
Before we went, the plan was to go and watch the boys catch tons of fish, while the girls and babies hung out on the shore. We got there we set up camp (Blanket and chairs), the boys headed out, they fished for a few hours (caught almost nothing as I recall). We then packed up and headed to the fine Comfort Inn and Suites and the 7 of us shared a hotel room. It was a tight squeeze- but surprising it worked out. The next day the guys fished all day and hung out with us some- Luke wasn't having it towards the afternoon and we had a major breakdown, but towards the evening he calmed down. This 'great fishing' must have been a myth- because they didn't catch much- but the weather was perfect and we had fun hanging out and enjoying each others' company!