Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Five Months- March 29th!


You are now 5 months old! You are 18 lbs. and heavyyyy. I am ready to get rid of your baby car seat because with your 18 lbs. and the car seat's 11 lbs. it is a heavy combo to carry around. As soon as you can confidently sit up I am moving you up to a big boy car seat.
You are now a rolling machine- forwards, backwards it doesn't matter- you do it and you do it all day long. I am so proud of you! I have been wanting you to roll for so long. Next step- sitting up.
You have ventured into the world of baby food. You eat oat meal twice a day and now have started 'food' in the evenings. So far you have only tried carrots- But you love them!
You have been out to the lake several times and even went on your first boat ride- you did great- you are going to love the boat this summer.
You are well into the teething stage- you chew on everything you can get your hands on. It is so sad though seeing you in pain. Hopefully we will see a tooth soon.
You have started to go to Wee School at church with mommy on Thursdays and you love to play with the other babies. Singing all the Sunday School songs in your favorite. You squeal with such delight.
You now sleep in your crib all night long. We did cry-it-out a few weeks ago with you and you took it like a champ. You only cried for a little while each night before you were fast asleep and now we just lay you down and say goodnight and you put yourself to sleep without crying. It is so wonderful.
I love you!


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