Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What did you buy?

'What did you buy?'
That was my thought when Andrew walked in the door with this.

Andrew and I don't just go around buying random big gifts for each other. If there is a big gift it is usually, always tied to an ocassion (anniversary, birthday, etc) never a 'just because'. We had been casually talking about some day wanting to get me one because I can't really use his because my midget feet rip out of his bindings. But Andrew is determined to get me out on the water doing something. I hate to tube, and skiing is just not my thing, but I do like to wakeboard, but I have just never had a board that fit me. So my sweet husband surprised me with board that i LOVE and can't wait to try it out! Thanks babe!

Too Cool for Baby Food.

Guess who is too cool for baby food?

This Guy:

He has all of a sudden decided that he wants nothing to do with baby food.
To all you mom out there has this ever happened to on of yours?
He screams, gets upset, spits, cries, and locks his mouth shut, but if I give him puffs, or other food that he can feed himself he eats those right up happily. I am guessing that this is a sign that he is ready to move on from the baby food world and on to 'big kid' food.
Anyways I am now trying to figure out what beginner foods to give him, so that we don't have these fit every time he eats. I still might try to squeeze in some oatmeal, but I think he is wanting to feed himself. Last night he had peas, and this morning he ate mini blueberry waffles cut up.
Any suggestions on good easy to chew foods? He only has 2 teeth so I am afraid that he won't be able to chew much.
Clearly he is growing up so fast (too fast!), and I feel like at this rate he will be going to Kindergarten next week.!

Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July!

We got home late on Friday night, actually at 3 am Saturday morning from Destin, on 4th of July weekend, but we still wanted to celebrate the 4th! It is one of my favorite holidays, so we headed out to the lake Saturday evening to enjoy the rest of long weekend. Andrew's brother and his family decided to join to. Our plan was to get out on the boat, which we did some, but honestly we got very interested in the trial that we spent a lot of time watching all the closing arguments. We did go out on the boat down to where the fire works show is at Granbury and watched it...it was so good! Luke freaked out at first, but then when he saw what they were, he loved them and was entertained the whole time! We will be doing that every year! Happy 4th!

The best dessert:

Swimming off the boat:

Going to see the fireworks:

Granbury Fireworks!

Eight Months- June 29th!

Well, better late than never. Sorry I am just now posting this. But with traveling and craziness I am just now getting to sit down and catch up on a few things.


You are eight months now! you are closer to being one than to being a newborn...where did time go?? You are growing so fast!
I can now say that you are crawler!! You crawl everywhere. It sometimes takes you a while, but you get there. You do this cute thing when you get tired of crawling where you drop to your belly and kick you feet and wave you hands, like you're swimming, but then you realize that won't get you anywhere, so you get back up on your knees and keep crawling.
You have now been on your first long road trip. You lasted 12+ hours in the car all the way to Destin and did great. Way better than I expected.
The biggest news is that you have your first tooth!! Yay! It is the cutest little white tooth anyone has ever seen. I have been waiting for this for what seems like forever to come in. I know you have many more to cut, and I hope that the rest aren't as painful as this one was.
You are still a champ at eating, and have even ventured out to eat some table food, you love guacamole, queso, black beans, rice and sweet potato fries. (Clearly Mexican food is going to be your favorite!)
You have had your first major fall. Stupid mommy here, let you sit on top of a chair at church just for one quick micro second and you bailed and did a flip off of it and crashed to the floor. I freaked, you were just scared and shaken up and were quickly back to your happy self, but I felt and still do feel like I should get the worst mom award for that one.
Probably one of my favorite things that you can now do is clap. It is so cute and sweet. We were even at church the other day and you were clapping to the music and 'singing' (squealing and babbling) and my heart just melted.
You are so precious and are turning into such a sweet and precious big boy!



Monday, July 4, 2011

Harmon Family Vacation- Destin!!

So last week we spent the whole week in Destin with Andrew's family for a week of vacation on the beach! Andrew, Luke and I had our first long family road trip (12ish hours). Luke did great for the most part. On the 2nd day of our road trip, when we were about 10 miles from the house in traffic going about 5 mph. I had to pull a 'Britney' and take Luke out of the carseat and let him play because he was NOT wanting to be in his seat any longer. But we finally made it to the house and it was absolutely wonderful. It was right on the beach, and we had great time. The last night Andrew's dad, Andrew and I, and my BIL and SIL Christopher and Tiffany went to a piano bar and had a blast. We requested songs, and sang until we couldn't sing anymore. We had so much fun and we are so appreciative of Andrew's mom for putting this whole trip together! I'll let the mass of pictures speak for themselves:

We found some time to take some family pictures!

Luke is a nautral beach bum. He napped and played in the sand. I barely had to feed him any food at all, because his main source of nutrition was sand. :)

A few of the day the waves were HUGE and we all spent time riding them. It was so fun, but we were all beat up.

On on night Andrew's parents so generously offered to watch all the kids and let us 'adults' go out for a nice dinner. We got all dressed up, and went to a fancy seafood restaurant. Andrew and I split King Crab legs that were delicious!

I even screen printed shirts for the cousins, here they are wearing them:

Destin, we hope to come back soon!