Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July!

We got home late on Friday night, actually at 3 am Saturday morning from Destin, on 4th of July weekend, but we still wanted to celebrate the 4th! It is one of my favorite holidays, so we headed out to the lake Saturday evening to enjoy the rest of long weekend. Andrew's brother and his family decided to join to. Our plan was to get out on the boat, which we did some, but honestly we got very interested in the trial that we spent a lot of time watching all the closing arguments. We did go out on the boat down to where the fire works show is at Granbury and watched was so good! Luke freaked out at first, but then when he saw what they were, he loved them and was entertained the whole time! We will be doing that every year! Happy 4th!

The best dessert:

Swimming off the boat:

Going to see the fireworks:

Granbury Fireworks!

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