Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Too Cool for Baby Food.

Guess who is too cool for baby food?

This Guy:

He has all of a sudden decided that he wants nothing to do with baby food.
To all you mom out there has this ever happened to on of yours?
He screams, gets upset, spits, cries, and locks his mouth shut, but if I give him puffs, or other food that he can feed himself he eats those right up happily. I am guessing that this is a sign that he is ready to move on from the baby food world and on to 'big kid' food.
Anyways I am now trying to figure out what beginner foods to give him, so that we don't have these fit every time he eats. I still might try to squeeze in some oatmeal, but I think he is wanting to feed himself. Last night he had peas, and this morning he ate mini blueberry waffles cut up.
Any suggestions on good easy to chew foods? He only has 2 teeth so I am afraid that he won't be able to chew much.
Clearly he is growing up so fast (too fast!), and I feel like at this rate he will be going to Kindergarten next week.!

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