Friday, July 8, 2011

Eight Months- June 29th!

Well, better late than never. Sorry I am just now posting this. But with traveling and craziness I am just now getting to sit down and catch up on a few things.


You are eight months now! you are closer to being one than to being a newborn...where did time go?? You are growing so fast!
I can now say that you are crawler!! You crawl everywhere. It sometimes takes you a while, but you get there. You do this cute thing when you get tired of crawling where you drop to your belly and kick you feet and wave you hands, like you're swimming, but then you realize that won't get you anywhere, so you get back up on your knees and keep crawling.
You have now been on your first long road trip. You lasted 12+ hours in the car all the way to Destin and did great. Way better than I expected.
The biggest news is that you have your first tooth!! Yay! It is the cutest little white tooth anyone has ever seen. I have been waiting for this for what seems like forever to come in. I know you have many more to cut, and I hope that the rest aren't as painful as this one was.
You are still a champ at eating, and have even ventured out to eat some table food, you love guacamole, queso, black beans, rice and sweet potato fries. (Clearly Mexican food is going to be your favorite!)
You have had your first major fall. Stupid mommy here, let you sit on top of a chair at church just for one quick micro second and you bailed and did a flip off of it and crashed to the floor. I freaked, you were just scared and shaken up and were quickly back to your happy self, but I felt and still do feel like I should get the worst mom award for that one.
Probably one of my favorite things that you can now do is clap. It is so cute and sweet. We were even at church the other day and you were clapping to the music and 'singing' (squealing and babbling) and my heart just melted.
You are so precious and are turning into such a sweet and precious big boy!



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