Monday, July 4, 2011

Harmon Family Vacation- Destin!!

So last week we spent the whole week in Destin with Andrew's family for a week of vacation on the beach! Andrew, Luke and I had our first long family road trip (12ish hours). Luke did great for the most part. On the 2nd day of our road trip, when we were about 10 miles from the house in traffic going about 5 mph. I had to pull a 'Britney' and take Luke out of the carseat and let him play because he was NOT wanting to be in his seat any longer. But we finally made it to the house and it was absolutely wonderful. It was right on the beach, and we had great time. The last night Andrew's dad, Andrew and I, and my BIL and SIL Christopher and Tiffany went to a piano bar and had a blast. We requested songs, and sang until we couldn't sing anymore. We had so much fun and we are so appreciative of Andrew's mom for putting this whole trip together! I'll let the mass of pictures speak for themselves:

We found some time to take some family pictures!

Luke is a nautral beach bum. He napped and played in the sand. I barely had to feed him any food at all, because his main source of nutrition was sand. :)

A few of the day the waves were HUGE and we all spent time riding them. It was so fun, but we were all beat up.

On on night Andrew's parents so generously offered to watch all the kids and let us 'adults' go out for a nice dinner. We got all dressed up, and went to a fancy seafood restaurant. Andrew and I split King Crab legs that were delicious!

I even screen printed shirts for the cousins, here they are wearing them:

Destin, we hope to come back soon!

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  1. those pics are gorgeous!! I LOVE them!! Looks like a fantastic trip!!!