Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holly, Jolly Harmon Christmas

Christmas came and went way to fast! We had so much fun over our break. This year we had Christmas with the Harmon side, and due to everyone's schedule being different Andrew and I got to spend a week out in Aledo so that we could celebrate with everyone. We celebrate Christmas several times. This Chrstmas was super special because it was Luke's first Christmas. Even though he won't remember any of it, I felt that we must still celebrate the same. Luke got tons of toys and goodies from everyone and Santa even brought him a play area that he stands up in and rotates around and plays in (pics to come). As we speak Santa is in the other room cursing the toy because it came in a million pieces and it is taking foreverrrr to put together. Next year Santa is only bring pre-assembled toys to this Harmon house! :)

Our First Christmas tree! (we didn't have one last year because we were living in an appt):

Fun Christmas in Aledo!:

They love their toys!


Our new family on Christmas Morning (sorry about the bad hair and look of exhaustion-i am sure this is one of the many mornings after Luke decided to get up super early or to puke all over me):

Everyone got iPads!!

While we were in Aledo the boys got the idea to give each other hair cuts. It started out rough, but in the end Christopher and Andrew ended up with really good hair cuts. I admit that I was skeptical and thought that this was going to be a disaster, but in the end they both had free hair cuts, and you know I love when things are free!

I hope you Christmas brought you lots of love and joy! Having Luke made our Christmas one to remember!

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  1. that is hilarious!! (the haircut part) and everything else looks like the time of my life!! how fun to see everyone and be together!! I LOVE IT! hope yall had a great christmas!!