Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Routines & Life with Luke

We are getting into a little routine around here. We're working out, riding our new bikes, and getting a little healthier. For Christmas I bought a juicer. I have been reading a lot lately about all the health benefits associated with juicing, so we took the plunge and started to juice. We decided that if we want Luke to grow up learning to love healthy food and have a healthy lifestyle, then we should set the example. So this is one of our new years resolutions. I know we aren't going to be perfect, and I don't expect us to. I know we will sit down with a box of girl scout cookies and eat them, or we will go pig out on chips and queso, but we just want, as a whole make healthier choices and to stress the importance of exercise and eating right. I heard something the other day that 'if you don't spend time and effort on being healthy, then you will later end up spending time and effort on being sick and injured', and that is so true. So being proactive is our goal. 

Anyways, there are all different levels of juicing. You can drink the juice randomly, you can do it in place of meals, or you can do an all out juice fast. Right now I am just juicing to replace breakfast and then sometimes as an afternoon snack to help ease any desire to want to afternoon snack. I have been pleasantly surprised with how full I feel and then energy it gives me. I guess my body WAS deprived of nutrients.

When you juice, you can pretty much throw anything that can be juiced into the juicer and the juicer does all the work. I have been doing spinach, carrot, apple, or kale, carrot, apple. They both have been very tasty. Andrew likes to add tomato and not add a green leaf.


Also with getting organized, I ordered some Maybooks. They have the cutest designs. One is my planner, and one is a food journal. I love that they aren't very big, so they fit into a bag easily. 


Last week Luke started swimming lessons. We are hoping he will be ready by the summer. He is very brave with the water (will jump in with out you seeing) and he thinks he can swim. So actually getting him to learn to swim is very important (for his safety, and my sanity). 


 He loves swimming so much that he insists on wearing his goggles, even when we are out of the pool. He especially wants to wear them in the car. The other day we drove through the car wash and he started freaking out because he didn't have his goggles on to protect him from the 'car shower'. Oh man love his little spirit. So cute.

I'll leave you with one more funny thing. Luke is starting to use things we say, in his regular conversation. Andrew and I say 'babe' to each other so Luke now uses the word 'babe' in his regular language. 'Babe I need some milk', 'Can I go ride my bike babe?'. 'Read the dinosaur book please babe'. Please someone invent a way to keep him this cute forever.

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  1. How great! You two are an inspiration!

    Love the goggles!!!