Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Luke's Room!

Luke's Nursery

I have finally finished everything for Luke's room. We are now officially ready for Luke to arrive! Here are a few pics of the final product:
We decided to do a chic farm theme.

A closet already stuffed with cute baby clothes:

Changing area: I found the dresser at an antique store for a steal!

Love the little windows! It adds so much light to the room.

Remember these from a few posts earlier? The only thing missing is a chair that is on its way soon from Pottery Barn to go under these!

This is a little horse I found at a JBF sale. When my nephew comes over this is the first thing he runs to- he is always wanting to 'ride the horsey', so I know Luke is going to love playing on it!

A fantastic Garage Sale find that was cleaned, sanded down, and painted!

Our crib that we absolutely love! (Thanks Kristen!!)
And our farm animal bedding- loovveee Pottery Barn baby bedding!

I am a sucker for anything monogrammed, labeled, or named. Let's just say Luke is defiantly going to know his name and initials. Andrew thinks I have gone a little overboard, but I don't think so.

These are my ghetto curtains that I made. It is my first real sewing thing that I actually followed a pattern and made, so I am proud of myself, but also well aware that they aren't the best, but I made them with love for Luke, so that's all that counts right?? (I might be redoing these later.)
This is probably my favorite thing in the entire room. Andrew and I wanted to put something special above his crib that had meaning, and decided to read the book Luke (since his name is Luke..get it?)and pick a scripture from Luke to put on the wall. We found this and loved it! It really reminds me that Jesus has such a great love for children and we want this scripture to be a blessing for Luke. Andrew's mom has a very talented friend who came over one day and painted this on the wall for us! We love it! Every time I go into his room I read this.

One week from today is my due Luke could come anytime now-- the sooner the better for me. I am getting pretty uncomfortable and I am very anxious to see him.

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