Sunday, December 19, 2010

One month!- November 29th!

I know this is a late post, but I though I would share pics and thoughts about Luke when he was one month old. I am proud of myself for even getting this posted at all, because some days getting dressed and brushing my teeth is an accomplishment!
I was told that Luke would consume all my time- man does he! But I love him- so it's ok! :)


Now that you are one month old you are becoming aware of so much more around you! You love lights- especially the ones on the Christmas tree. You love to stare at them.
You aren't a big fan of your swing, but you love your lay and play gym/mat thing! You lay there for 30 minutes at a time just staring and squealing.
You have had your first cold. Daddy and I have been taking turns steaming you in the shower to help you breath better. And we have been rubbing you down in vapor rub to help you breath better.
You are sleeping about 5-6 hour straight at night and then waking up every 3 hours after that.
You are finally fitting into 0-3 month clothes! Yay!
You love to eat and are eating every 2 hour during the day.
At night you will squirm and squirm fighting me to go to sleep, and the second I hand you to your dad you are lights out. He must have some magic power that I don't, but I am so thankful that you have that bond with him!
You just met your new cousin Taylor Jo- she was born on Nov. 22 and y'all are 3 weeks apart. I hope that you and Taylor will be the best of friends!
For awhile you were having pain after you were eating, and we finally figured out that you have acid reflux, and you're now on Prevacid to help with that- and you take the meds. like a champ!
You aren't into napping much during the day- you love to take quick 20 min. naps making it a little difficult for me to get anything done.
I love your little smile! Every time you look at me with that smile I melt! It is just too prescious!


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  1. He looks so incredibly sweet! And what a sweet note...I will have to remember to do that some day.