Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Daysss!

Well if you haven't heard, it snowed/iced for 4 days here in the DFW area. Schools were canceled for 4 days in a row which was probably a record and this is super bowl week, so people were supposed to be coming in town and partying all week which made the roads and travel awful.
Luckily I stayed home with Luke out of the weather and Andrew got to work from home for those 4 days so we just made camp at home and tried to stay warm.

View from front door:


To keep our selves busy during this record storm one day my SIL and neice and nephew came over and spent the day with us so we could all be bored together! :) It made the day go by so much faster and that evening we ended up going up to the Great Wolf Lodge with some friends and all the kids to play in the water and ride the slides. Luke loved the water!

Luke and Brazos hanging out:

Ready to play in the snow:

Out in the snow:

In front of our house:

Loving the snow!:
My snow angel:

By the end of the week we were ready to be anywhere besides our to downtown ft. worth for superbowl festvities we go....more on that later.

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