Saturday, February 5, 2011

Three Months- January 29th!

Three Months!


Wow. From month 2 to 3 you have changed so much.
You now have become a thumb/fist sucker. Every chance you get to stick that thumb in your mouth you do. You still love your soothie, but your thumb has also become a favorite.
With that being said you have found your hands, you can put you hands together. You will just sit in you Bumbo with you hands together- you look like a little proper boy.
You are becoming more and more aware of your surroundings. You watch when people enter and leave the room and the biggie is - you have noticed the T.V. which I try to get you not to watch...
You now are laughing, not a whole lot yet, but you have your moments when you let out this deep little 'huh- huh' laugh. It is so cute and you are so proud!
You HATE your car seat when you are awake. There are time when you fall asleep and its ok, but if you are awake you are screaming for you life the entire drive. It breaks my heart to hear you cry, but I have had to reassure myself that you are fed, clean and safe so that I don't melt down and just go home. Hopefully you just learn to relax and go with will be better for everyone involved.
We have introduce your standing exersaucer. It is hard for you to balance in it, but we will keep working on that.
You love to go grocery shopping with me and ride in your Bjorn.
You went to your first rodeo (Fort Worth Rodeo). You actually went twice- once you had a blast and once you screamed you little baby head off the entire time.
All of a sudden there a certain things that scare you that cause you to break out in tears. For example- you dad was holding you and he cleared his throat and it scared you, or Brazos yelled and that scared you. We haven't figured out what triggers these melt downs, but hopefully you won't get so startled.
We are getting more and more into a routine at home and you sleeping patterns are getting better. You are so much fun to watch and be with. You make mine and you daddy's life so much fun!



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