Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fathers Day and Lots of Other Fun!

We have been having so much fun lately that it has been hard to get back here and update y'all on all that we've doing. Here is an overload of pictures of what we have been doing:

Spending time at the lake is always a top priority.

Some of my church friends called me last minute and had an extra Brothers of the Sun ticket, and I gladly accepted and went with them to see Tim & Kenny at Cowboys stadium. It was a great concert and so much fun!


We also went to the ACU night at the ball park!

We celebrated father's day and showered Andrew with gifts, and you cant have fathers day with out something you copied from Pinterest. Ha! Andrew is such a great hands on and caring dad to Luke. I couldn't dream of a better dad for Luke to have!

I watched my niece and nephew the other day and I managed to get Taylor Jo's hair in to a little pony. It is so fun to play dress up with her!

Luke has been going to swimming lessons the past 2 weeks. He was not loving it the first two days, but now that I hide from him (behind a trashcan) and he can't see me he loves it! He runs to his teacher with so much excitement and is getting very comfortable with the water. He was even jumping off our diving board at home all by his self. I love seeing the improvement he is making!

We found a really cute splash pad near our house that is great to go to when we need to get out of the house and do something different. It is right on Luke's level and he loves it. 

Hope y'all are having a great summer and staying cool! It is in the 100s here!

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