Wednesday, March 9, 2011

4 Months- Feb.28? Mar.1?

I am not really sure what day to count Luke to be 4 months old on since he was born on the 29th and there isn't a Feb 29th. So I guess we'll just call him 4 months old. For an OCD person like myself this rally bothers me bc i like patterns and organization.

4 months!


You are growing so fast! Stop it! You were 15lbs 1 oz at your 4 month check up. You (and mommy) t00k your shots like a champ! Much better than your 2 month appt.
This month you have grown in many different ways. You have turned more into a 'baby' and less 'infant'. You no longer use your green soothie- you have moved up in the pacifier world and are using blue gumdrop pacifiers.
We got this goofy caterpillar that hangs from your car seat and it has been a life saver- you cry so much less now in the car. Thank you weird caterpillar.
You went to Sing Song and met all of Mommy and Daddy's friends! Everyone love you!
You are getting better at rolling over- but how would I know?- I have yet to see it! You have this game going on that you won't do it in front of me. I can leave you on you mat and leave the room and come back and you will have rolled over- or you will do it for your dad- but me? no. Its ok- I can wait...
You are 'talking' now. You are babbling and cooing all day just talking up a storm telling all kinds of stories. You even say the sound 'mama'. I know you aren't associating it with me yet- but it makes me feel special bc I keep telling myself that you are saying my name, and I'm trying to convince your dad that that is your first word(which drives him crazy).
You went on your first plane ride to the ski house in Utah. You traveled great and we were very proud of you.
You are wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes but you are fitting into some 9 month clothes! Its killing me to put those on you!
You are a laughing machine- we can tickle and play with you and you just giggle away.
We love you and enjoy watching you grow and change!


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