Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Utah for Andrew's Birthday

We went to Utah to ski and spend time in the mountains for Andrew's birthday at the end of Feb. Luke got to go on his first plane ride and he did great! He slept most of the time. I packed the 3 of us in 2 bags and when we got there only one of our bags made it. :( The bag that had ALL of our Ski gear, Luke's diapers, and other necessities was nowhere to be found. But after talking to the bagaggae claim lady and giving her our house address American somehow found our bag and had it delivered to us at 5 am- just in time to ski the next day! Thanks American Airlines- i admit i didnt have much faith in you.
The rest of the days we spent skiing, hanging out, hot tubbing, celebrating Andrew and eating. In between all that I got altitude sickness for about 24 hours and was throwing up and having an awful headache- gatorade and advil helped me through that one. I took our camera up there and then never really used it. I am so bad about that! Somehow these are the only pics I took. We had so much fun! Can't wait to go back! When can Luke start ski school?!? Andrew begged to put Luke in the Bjorn and ski down the mountain- but i think CPS would have a problem with that. I had to say 'no' multiple times. :)

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