Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lake Day in Feb.

Well Folks.
Sorry it has been so long. I love Luke to death, but trying to find time during the day to get my computer out and blog is becoming harder and harder. He isnt much of a long napper, and when he is awake he is hands on. Anyways, today he is sick (my poor baby) and sleeping a lot so I am fortunately watching tv (catching up on my Bravo addiction) quietly, trying to put out a few blog posts and pay bills (yuck!), and I might be doing a little online shopping (don't tell Andrew).

Anyways...Remember that week in Feb. where we had like a week of snow and then on Saturday it was warm and in the 70s? Well that weekend after we were stuck in the house for like foreverrr we finally got out of the house and spend the day at the lake with family soaking up the sun!

Luke and his cousin Taylor Jo enjoying the outdoors:

Brazos' redneck hot tub:

I now am ready to be spending all my time outside enjoying the warm weather!

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