Monday, May 9, 2011

Day trip to Corpus

On friday Andrew, Luke and I flew down for a day trip to Corpus Christi, to visit my grandmother, who is in the nursing home. When we got to the airport, of course there was only 1 security line open causing us to miss our morning flight, so we didn't end up getting down to Corpus until noon. Just in time to make it to the local Dairy Queen for lunch so everyone could see and meet Luke. After that we headed over to the nursing home where my Memaw is to visit her. She doesn't communicate verbally any more so we spent time showing her some pictures. She didn't talk the whole time we were there but she stare at Luke a lot of the time. And she followed conversation with her eyes, so we know she knew who we were and could understand, she just couldn't communicate back. My aunt came over and also visited with us and saw Luke too- Luke go to meet lots of new family members on this trip! While we were down there we took a 4 generation family picture. My memaw looked at Luke the whole time, but we got the picture anyways! :) I think she really liked Luke. We actually made our flight back home that evening, except we lost Luke's paci on the flight home- which was not a pleasant experience. He wasn't awful, but we had to be very creative in entertaining him or he would cry. (Note to self: bring more than 1 paci next time) Overall, we had a great mini-trip and it was great to see my memaw and it was good for her to meet/see Luke!

Luke in his Pa's shoes!

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