Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Take Me out to the Ball Park

On Monday Andrew came home early (5:00- which never happens unless he has something he has to be home for) and was itching to do something fun. So around 5:30 we decided it would be fun to go to the Ranger game that night (which starts at 7) so Andrew quickly looked around Craigslist and called a guy and since the game was in an hour and a half he made a bargain deal on some GREAT seats. We rushed around the house and got out the door and headed to the Stadium. We stopped off at a shady Valero and Andrew went in and got our tickets and parking pass from a random guy. I am so thankful that he wasn't robbed or shot, you never know what your going to get with a Craigslist deal. We headed into to the stadium and enjoyed the game. Our seats were a few rows up behind the visitors dugout. So anytime a right handed batter was batting you could see us on T.V. We didn't know this when we bought our tickets- but when we were at the game people were texting/tweeting us that they could see us! How funny! Luke did really well for about 4 innings and then he was restless so we went over to the kid area for a few innings and then return for the last 2 innings in our seats. It was Luke's first game and I would say he did really well. He usually goes to bed at 8, but he stayed up till 10:30 that night and was very happy! It was a great family night and Luke can wait to go back and watch 'beeball' and 'wangers'!

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