Monday, May 14, 2012

What I'm pinning..

Even though I stay at home with Luke, I still don't find the time to do cute things like this quiet book. Somehow whenever Luke goes down for a nap I am either cleaning, sitting down for a minute or occasionally napping. I never have the energy to jump up and start a project- but I am making a promise to myself to do more fun things like this so we'll see what happens. I saw this quote an laughed because that is my exact thought. Maybe someday I'll be super mom.

How cool is this splash pad??!?! I want one in my yard...Luke  (and I) would have so much fun! Surly it isn't to hard to build...Andrew?!    I have been doing lots of 'research' (if you can call it that) into sensory tubs. I think Luke is at the perfect age to explore them and they look super easy to make- you just change them out with different items for different themes and then you let your little one go to town exploring. I love this beach theme! How fun!

This summer we will be a the lake for Memorial Day and 4th of July! How cute are these? I am already thinking of cute ideas for snacks! I am not a strawberry person, but Andrew and Luke would devour these...

In my imaginary dream home I thing these half doors instead of baby gates are so cute. If it was a pocket half door in front of the stairs it would be even better.  Luke is getting into everything now, so gates are a must, but they aren't very cute. I love the doors!

                  These are the things I have been pinning! What have you been pinning??

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  1. I made a sensory tub for Owen with colored rice and he loved it. But I let him play with it outside and he got some water in in. The next time I opened it up it was all moldy. I'll probably do another one with something else soon, but watch the water!