Monday, May 7, 2012

Road Trip

Last weekend my cousin got married down in Corpus Christi, and so since it is such a long drive Andrew and I decided to make a long weekend of it and do some other fun things while we were down there. It was a great time to get away and just spend time together as our little family.

One morning we spend time at a park and pier:

That afternoon we went and visitied my memaw who is in a nursing home. My parents and sister met us there. My memaw was having a good day and was laughing and smiling. Her dementia is very bad so she doesn't talk but you can see her smiling so we know she understand and enjoys the company. Luke enjoyed playing with his Pa's cowboy hat.

That evening we went out to the wedding which was at a really neat ranch. Luke was really good and loved quietly playing in the dirt and leaves during the wedding. (If only church was outdoors and had dirt, then maybe we would actually make it through a service sometime :) )

 The ranch had lots of room to run around and had horses to pet. Luke was loving it!

Once the sun went down Luke spent his evening on the dance floor, and begging girls to dance with him. He is so funny..i don't know where he gets it. 

The next day we went to the Texas State Aquarium, and saw a dolphin show and all the fish. Luke wasn't as interested in the fish as he was with the bone dig and splash pad that was there.  He wants things to be hands on. If he can't touch it, he doesn't want to have anything to do with it.

They had the neatest splash pad with all different kinds of water features. Luke couldn't contain his excitement. He was running from water feature to water feature as fast as he could laughing and playing. I need to find something like this around us this summer.

We finished the day looking at a few other animals and the ships coming in, and then we headed back to swim at our hotel pool. It was too cold for me to get in, but Andrew and Luke braved it and Luke actually 'swam' (floated and kicked) by his self for the first time! We were so excited. We actually came home the next day and put him in the pool at our house to make sure he still could do it. (more on that later)

Anyways, we had a blast and it was great little get away. The wedding was fun and I wish all the happiness in the world to my cousin and her new husband.

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